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About Jambolou Dobermans...

Jambolou Dobermans is located on 15 wooded acres in Gardners, PA which is in close proximity to the battlefields of historic Gettysburg.  We are nestled in orchard country and our property is surrounded by woodlands and fruit fields. We are within a nice drive from Maryland, Delaware, Northern VA, New Jersey, and Wash D.C.

"Jambolou" is named after my daughter Lauren and my late son, Jamie.

We are members of the York Kennel Club of York, Pa. as well as a member of the Doberman Pinscher Club of America. 

Most of our adult dobermans are dual registered with the AKC and UKC. Our dogs are both owner/ handled as well as professionally handled.   We are a Pennsylvania Licensed Private K2 Home Kennel where we are monitored and regulated by the state. Our dogs live and are raised inside our home as well as our puppies.

We have enjoyed showing our dogs in both the AKC and UKC confirmation show rings over the years. 

We are trying to raise our dogs in the most holistic way possible and do our best to pass on our knowledge to our customers through recommendations, educational materials, and referrals to professionals.

Please feel free to browse our pages to look at our dogs.

My #1 goal is to raise puppies with excellent temperaments and intelligence. We have placed many show prospects into family homes, just to ensure that our puppies live happy lives. Many of our puppies have gone into Therapy and Service dog training homes.

I breed for black/rust and red/rust primarily, however, one of our males will throw blue and fawn. Our dogs are free of Z factor and I do not believe or condone in the breeding of albino dobermans.

Our dogs come from champion show lines, are AKC pointed, and/or are Champion titled themselves.

We DO NOT ship our puppies. We require new owners to personally visit our home and pick their puppy up when they are ready to leave.

If you are interested in adopting an adult doberman in need of a home, please check our our link page for the Delaware Valley Doberman Pinscher Assistance or DAR&E organization for more information. Please be advised that these organizations place stringent qualifications and requirements on prospective homes, but there is a great need to find homes for these dogs.

Also, there are many dogs of all ages in shelters who desperately need homes. I highly recommend watching HBO's documentary on shelter dogs! 

"One Nation Under Dog: Stories of Fear, Loss, and Betrayal."

You can find this documentary ON Demand with both Dish Network and Direct TV. It is very disturbing to watch, but it shows what happens to dogs and puppies that do not find homes. If you have space in your home and heart, please consider adoption. You can help make a difference in a shelter dog's life.

We are currently updating our website to make it more user friendly as well as offering links, downloads, videos, educational articles, etc., for those who not only already own dobermans, but for those considering adding a doberman to their household.

Whether you are looking for a puppy, an older adult, a retired breeder, or a rescue dobe. Our goal is to educate you on the best possible care for your current or new family member and bring attention to the health problems that effect this breed.

The best way to reach me is via email by using our CONTACT ME link or by text.

Thank you for visiting! Come again soon.


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