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Jambolou Doberman Pinschers

Jambolou Dobermans is located on 15 wooded acres in Gardners, PA which is in close proximity to the battlefields of historic Gettysburg.

My property is nestled in orchard country and is surrounded by woodlands and fruit fields. We (the dogs and I) are within a nice drive from Maryland, Delaware, Northern VA, New Jersey, and Wash D.C.

"Jambolou" is named after my daughter Lauren and my late son, Jamie.

I am a member of the York Kennel Club of York, Pa. as well as a member of the Doberman Pinscher Club of America.

Most of my adult dobermans are dual registered with the AKC and UKC. Our  dogs who have shown, were both owner/ handled as well as professionally handled.

My dobermans come from champion show lines, are AKC pointed, and/or are Champion titled themselves. I enjoyed showing the dogs in both the AKC and UKC conformation show rings, but I have not shown in recent years due to my health issues and ring politics.

My dogs are not kenneled and are raised inside my home, because they are a very people oriented breed and socialization is extremely important. Our dobermans are American / Argentinian. I do not have or breed Europeans.

I feel that it is necessary for this breed to live as holistically as possible and I do my best to pass on my knowledge from years of experience to customers through recommendations, educational materials, and referrals to professionals.

My #1 goal is to raise puppies* with excellent temperaments and intelligence. Over the years, I have placed many show prospects into family homes, just to ensure that the puppies live happy lives. Many of my past puppies have gone into Therapy and Service dog training homes. *Litters are limited due to my having health problems.

My bloodlines are free of Z factor and I do not believe or condone in the breeding of albino dobermans. They are not rare or special in any way, as those who market them as such, may state. They are a result of a genetic mutation and should NOT be bred.

If/when I do have a litter, I prefer to meet my customers in person. I feel that it is important to visit my home, meet my adult dogs, and when it is time for puppies to go home, like for them to be picked up when they are ready to leave.

I WILL NOT ship my puppies via an airline, however, I would consider ground transportation under certain circumstances. Customers are responsible for making all arrangements, as well as covering the expense and any insurance for travel. There are several transportation groups on Facebook, that can provide this type of service.

Even though my breeding is limited, I am currently updating this website to make it more user friendly as well as offering links, downloads, videos, educational articles, etc., for those who not only already own dobermans, but for those considering adding a doberman to their household. is a great website that offers resources regarding the history of the breed, health conditions, and a list of breeders.

Whether you are looking for a puppy, an older adult, a retired breeder, or a rescue dobe. My goal is to educate you on the best possible care for your current or new family member and bring attention to the health problems that effect this breed.

They have always been my passion and will always be the best breed of dog I have ever had the pleasure to own.

Many customer questions can be answered, simply by navigating through our web pages, and reading through the information provided.

Thank you for visiting!

Coming Soon...

Please check out my IttyBitty&Wittles Page (on the side menu) for handmade craft items available for purchase, along with other yard sale finds.

Funds received will be used towards maintaining my dog kennel while receiving medical treatment for my Chiari 1 Malformation. My health issues are impacting my ability to breed and we want to be able to provide for our dogs until I am able to provide puppies to waiting customers.

Thank you very much for your support!

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