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Puppy Pricing


Pricing is as follows:

Cropped Ears - $2650 may go home at 9 weeks once sutures are removed. 

Natural Ears - $2150 may go home at 8 weeks of age. Puppies in the state of PA are required to remain with their Dam and litter mates until they are 8 weeks old.

Micro-chipping (optional) - $25 with free registry submission

Payment methods: Personal Checks, Cashiers Checks, and Money Orders are accepted for initial $250 deposit paid to reserve a puppy (before birth)AND the 1st half down once puppies have arrived (for those who reserved in advance of whelping)

Checks and M/O need to be made out to Andrea Smeltzer, not my kennel name. I closed my business banking account after the bank made account changes and began charging too many fees. Like everything else, I try to keep my expenses low, so that I do not have to pass on the additional costs to my customers.

Payment timing and amounts:

Reservation deposits prior to a litter whelping is $250 to be put on the reservation list. This is applied to the price of a puppy, when a litter is born and a puppy is available.

After puppies are born, customers may pay the full balance amount owed (minus the $250 deposit if it applies) or in 2 installments.

1st installment must be paid immediately after birth, 2nd installment in the form of CASH to pay the balance at 6 weeks of age.

All puppies sold at 6 weeks of age or later, CASH is required. If someone purchasing a puppy cannot visit in-person when puppies turn 6 weeks old, payment in the form of check / money order must be mailed to arrive before they turn 6 weeks. Especially, those being cropped, to enable enough time for those payments to clear.

If there are any puppies that are "not spoken for or sold" before they turn 7 weeks old, they will be automatically be cropped and sold at the cropped price. Cash is required.

Puppies must be paid in full and any or all payments (except for cash) need to clear prior to the delivery of a puppy. 

No exceptions!

I do NOT accept:


Credit Cards

Visa Debit


Google or Apple Pay


Cash App

Chase Quick Pay

Western Union


NOTE: I do NOT offer in-house financing, layaway (I'm not Walmart), payment plans, nor financing through any outside company, money app, website, or bank.

If you have to finance the purchase of a puppy, then I would be concerned about the ability to afford vet care. Especially, emergencies.

Examples of payments with reservation deposit of $250:

Cropped puppy -  $2650 - $250 deposit = $2400 divided by 2 installments =

$1200 x 2

Natural puppy - $2150 - $250 deposit = $1900 divided by 2 installments =

$950 x 2

Example of payments for customers who purchase an avail puppy after already born:

Cropped - Installment # 1 = $1325  and #2 = $1325

Natural - Installment # 1 = $1075 and #2 = $1075

With optional microchipping $25

This can be added to either installment