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This is our fawn 

girl, Pip!

Puppy Visitations and/or Meeting the Dam and Sire

May 15, 2021 RE: Covid-19 

Due to Covid-19, we will not be having any visitations until further notice.

When puppies are available, we will figure out the best means to choose puppies and/or meet the adults at that time. We have managed to use Zoom and Facebook Messenger Video successfully.

I cannot jeopardize my own health, or that of our visitors, to have "meet- n-greets" with my adult dogs. Again, this means no visits at this time!

Thank you in advance for your understanding. We will work through this as best as we possibly can. 

Meeting Our Adult Dogs...

Below - I have a few guidelines that I have implemented when it comes to planned visits - Yes, I am being quite frank and forward with these tips when visiting a breeder. Whether it is me or someone else, hopefully potential customers will see things from our point of view.

# 1 Scheduling

I try to schedule multiple families all at one time, in order to keep my weekends open. If it doesn't work, that's fine. I would just rather not spend every single weekend per month with visits. I would never get anything done.

# 2 Whelped or Expectant Litters

If we are expecting or currently have newborn puppies, visitations will not be permitted as a safety precaution with our puppies. We do NOT want something airborne coming into our home that would potentially be life threatening to our puppies. And NO... you cant come pick out a puppy when they are only days old! Really?!?!

#3 Customer Safety Precautions

All families are required to mist clothing and shoes with provided Lysol prior to entering our house as well as using hand sanitizer. I advise everyone to avoid any places where there is high pet traffic prior to coming to my home. This would be pet stores, tractor supply, and even your vet's office.

#4 Scheduling Visits

As long as I am available, I will gladly schedule appointments with those who are seriously looking at meeting our adults with the intent of a puppy purchase. I can meet during the week or on weekends. Preferably combined with any other potential families in the attempt to save some time.

#5 Children

I have had some families over the years bring their young children along when meeting our adults or puppies. Let me tell you that I would advise you to get a baby sitter, due to previous families treating their visit like "a day at the petting zoo" who were not serious about a puppy. Kids screaming or crying while I am trying to answer questions and I also do not want children climbing all over our furniture and/or being unattended outside.

#6 Appt time

When scheduling an appointment to visit our adults or puppies, please allow yourself plenty of time to reach my home ON TIME. There have been instances where I had other plans scheduled after a visit, that had to be cancelled due to late customers. Please allow for traffic and/or road construction. If you are going to be late or cant make it, please call.

If it is just a few minutes, that would acceptable. However, if you were supposed to be here at 11am and are calling now me at 10:45 and say that you just left and have a 2 hour drive ahead of you, plan on turning your car around and going back home. So, just a little bit of advice whether you are coming to visit my dogs or visiting another breeder ... please be on time! Nothing pisses a breeder off more than a late person or a NO SHOW. Call if you aren't coming.

#7 Family

Please make sure that EVERYONE in your household who has the authority to make a decision, is on board with purchasing a puppy. It annoys the crap out of me to hear, " I have to check with my husband/wife first." Well, you should have done that before contacting me about a puppy in the first place. It's just common sense!

#8 Misc

To be continued...

Puppy Visits

A few tips for families about visiting our puppies...

#1 Puppy Immunity

Puppies are NOT allowed visitors until they are at least 6 weeks old, due to their delicate immune system. I'll say again...That means, no visits before the age of 6 weeks.

Please do NOT ask! We do not want someone bringing in something on their clothing that could potentially wipe out an entire litter of puppies. IE: PARVO

#2 Reservations and Deposits

Puppy visits are primarily limited to customers who have already reserved a puppy and paid a deposit. This is at my discretion. If we have one or more puppies who are not already spoken for, we will allow puppy visits by potential families, only after 6 weeks of age.

# 3 Appt Timing

Please limit how long you visit. I do have other obligations that need to be done daily, so limiting your visit to approximately 1 hour is appreciated. Again, a quick reminder that this isnt a day at the puppy petting zoo. It is for serious customers who have already submitted deposits only to choose/meet their puppies and potential families for pups that are unspoken for.

#4 Other Pets

I understand that some want to make sure that a current family dog gets along with a young puppy, however, this poses a risk to our puppies. Either by bringing something unwanted into our home or the chance of an outside dog attacking one of our babies. I ask that you leave your pets at home and work slowly on introducing your new puppy when you take him or her home.

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