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Educational Web Links and Recommended Businesses

This page is to provide links to websites to help educate pet consumers with their 4-legged family members.

Companies and Organizations - I am happy to post your links as long as they are pet related

Doberman Pinscher Standard

Health Issues in Dobermans

This skin disease affects most blue and fawn dobermans

Direct from the DPCA website. Info on this dermatological disease in fawns and blues

Video of an Akita bloating- signs and symptoms to look for

Posted with permission from Purina who published this research article on Doberman DCM. (more)

Pet Health Insurance Information

Pet health insurance Information and related websites

Offered up by Terrence Gordon Lots 81-82, Street C Dorado, PR, 00646

Dog Food - Your feeding WHAT ???????

Good and Bad Dog food websites! Allergies are known to be caused by certain ingredients! Check out these sites!

What dog foods are best and which are ones to avoid!!!

An independent and unbiased website that tests the ingredients in todays commercial dog food.

Our team dedicated over 1,400 hours of research analyzing 2,223 formulas on the market to find the dog food brands that deliver the most optimal nutrition. We consulted veterinarians, animal behaviorists, and trainers, as well as scoured countless scientific studies on pet nutrition. We created a guide that clearly points out red flag ingredients and recommends trustworthy brands at any price point.

A dog food company dedicated to feed our pets human grade food with the best possible ingredients! I highly recommend! food/

Dog food reviews for 2017

Market information on commercially processed dog foods. Good and Bad

Video about commercial dog food. Youtube charges $3.99 to watch, but it is available on NETFLIX

Vaccines and Over-vaccinating

We follow a limited vaccination schedule and recommend this to our puppy customers.

Dr Dodds recommended vaccine schedule along with vaccines you shouldnt give your pet!

Information on over-vaccinating our pets

Over vaccination and the effects on our pets

Dangers of over-vaccinating your dog

Dr. Karen Becker, a holistic veterinarian, reviews why over-vaccinating is not good for the longevity of our pets.

Coat Treatments

Natural flea deterrent and shine boosters

Where to buy 100% Therapeutic grade Citronella Oil for Natural Flea Recipe Either use 1 - 16 oz bottle of pure Mink Oil OR 1 -16 oz bottle of Baby Oil w/ Aloe and Vitamin E and pour about 2 tablespoons of the citronella oil into the baby or mink oil. Apply to dog's skin every couple of days and brush into coat.

Where to buy 100% pure Mink Oil

Dangerous toxic ingredients in our pet grooming products. Buyer beware!

Dangerous chemicals in pet grooming products

Toxic chemicals in our pets grooming aids

Recommended Pet Related Businesses

This section is for businesses who sell pet products that I have personally purchased and recommend to buy from. I will continue to add as I try new items for our dogs.

This company makes durable stuffed pet toys that, for most dogs, are un-destructable. My dogs love them and would normally de-stuff and de-squeak a stuffed toy within 5 minutes. However, for whatever reason, my dogs LOVE these. We now own approx 15 different "Fluff n Tuff" stuffed animals. I wash them in the washer every week to 2 weeks and put them in the dryer. They come out clean and are holding up really well. Our oldest is Edsel the Elephant. The only damage he has is a tear in his tail. All of the others are in perfect shape and my dogs have not attempted to destroy them. Highly recommend these toys. They may not hold up for extreme destructive chewers. They are worth the price! Buy direct from the company at their website.

Doberman Rescue Organizations

The DPCA Rescue web pages.

General Puppy Ownership

Information regarding puppy care and rearing of your new family member

How much does it cost to take care of a puppy?

Pet friendly states... lifetime-cost-of-a-pet

Pet Ownership Costs Guide for 2017 average-initial-and-lifetime- pet-costs

Pet Ownership Costs Guide for 2017 emergency-medical-care

Cost of Emergency Care for your pet

Contributed link offered by Girl Scouts Troop in CA. Thanks girls!

Informational page on general pet ownership tips

Link submitted by Cyndi Stine

Flea Treatments Are Poisons

Would you put these on your child? Cant understand why our pets are developing cancers?

What health problems are coming about using these products on our pets.

Un-explained health problems caused by flea and tick products

Dog Treats and Toys

"We don't claim to be indestructible - no plush toy can be - our goal is to simply combine superior quality materials with proven construction specifications to create the most durable plush toy on the market today" Jambolou Dobermans - "These are the best stuffed toys I have ever bought. My dogs normally have stuffed animals de-squeaked and un-stuffed within minutes. I purchased several of the Fluff and Tuff Stuffies and my dogs love them! I have had them for months and the dogs havent killed them yet! I highly recommend!"

Ear Cropping Laws and Legislation

Article by The Dog Place on the history of cropping and docking of dogs.

The basis of the law states that any dog owner must be able to prove that the ear cropping and tails and dew claw removal were done by a veterinarian. So, if you're walking down the street and an humane society officer or animal cruelty officer sees your Doberman or Boxer with cropped ears and docked tails, you can be given a summary offense, unless you have a certificate that states a vet did the work... but what if you have a rescue or a dog with no documentation... then what???

Article on TV show Inside Edition on cropping and docking

The Dog Place article

Albinism and Z Factor

The following links address what "Z" factor is and why responsible doberman breeders dont breed for albino or white dobermans.

Home, Safety, and Well- Being

Everything you need to know about how dogs sleep!

DNA Health Testing Websites

Websites that offer DNA testing for your dog.

DNA testing

Dog DNA Testing

Dog Health Testing

Test kits for pets

Dog Food Recalls

Dog food and treat recalls, affecting the health of all dogs.

PUPPY MILLS!!!! (more) (more)

Bailing Out Benji Article (more)

Bailing Out Benji Article (more)

Bailing Out Benji Search for puppy mills by state on this map.

Bailing Out Benji Article